Punto Banco

The rules of the game in Punto Banco are very similar to many varieties of Baccarat. The game is played at a card game table using six decks of fifty-two cards. The game is played by one to eight players. According to the rules of the Punto Banco game, the cards are dealt only by the dealer, who accordingly plays on the casino’s behalf.

This is one of the European varieties of baccarat, but the goal of the game remains the same. In order to win you need to guess which combination of cards will be higher in total or can be bet on a draw. The value of all cards and combinations in Punto Banco coincide with the generally accepted rules of baccarat.

– Ace – 1;
– King, Queen, Jack – 0 (or 10);
– The rest of the cards – at the face value indicated on the face of each card;
– The suit of the cards does not matter.

Players can place bets on whether the hand will be won by the banker (Banco), the punter (Punto), or there will be a draw (Egalite). The size of bets is determined by the minimum and maximum set for this table.

The total range of bets when playing in Punto Banco is 5-500 USD.

(individual in VIP halls)